What are the benefits of a full body massage?

A good full body massage can boost general health in many ways. If your neck is knotted, it can make you feel a whole lot better. But, the benefits of a good rub down run a lot deeper than just relaxation from fatigue and pain relief. Today, we delve into the many reasons why you should opt for a full body massage.

Top Benefits of a full body massage in Abu Dhabi

Fights off Sickness: According to a study conducted by the Cedars-Sinai Medical center, people who receive Swedish massages, experience an immediate change in the immune system in just a single session. The study suggested that these people experienced a noteworthy boost in the number of white blood cells in their bodies that help in fighting infections.

Eases Back Pain Greatly: Lower back pains, need no introduction. They can leave the healthiest man debilitated and helpless. And, if you have suffered from lower back pain for years, you are in luck. A full body massage in Abu Dhabi can give you the relief you are seeking. A good massage is a drug free way to feel better in no time at all. According to a study in Pain Medicine conducted at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, 50 percent of patients who suffered from chronic back pain and opted for a full body massage showed marked improvement in just 10 sessions.

Relieves Constipation: If you suffer from constipation, it is about time you tried a body massage, According, to the data published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, a good rub down could indeed help those suffering from constipation. As a part of the study conducted, 60 people were divided into two groups. One set was given laxatives coupled with and abdominal massage, while the others were just administered laxatives. The research surprised all. After 8 weeks, those who also received a massage as part of the treatment reported significant clinical improvement with their gastrointestinal symptoms and bowels

Cuts down on Migraines: Migraines slowing you down? Try a full massage for instant relief. As per researchers at Auckland University, those who went in for massages, reported fewer instances of migraines and could enjoy restful sleep.

Helps beat PMS: Several proponents of massage therapy also claim that a good massage can banish mood swings, reduce bloating, chase away headaches and also beat several other symptoms of PMS. Massage therapy is best suited for women in the age group of 19 to 45 who suffer from acute PMS symptoms.

Alleviates symptoms of cancer: A group of researchers in Boston has established that patients who have been diagnosed with metastatic cancer can resort to massage therapy, to help alleviate the many symptoms that plague them. A Swedish massage, foot massage, and a light touch massage can do wonders in reducing symptoms like nausea, fatigue, chronic pain, stress, and even depression in cancer patients.

Reveals brighter skin: Full body massages stimulate the flow of blood, which in turn adds vitality to a dull and lifeless complexion. The gentle rubbing and kneading that is part of a good massage, improves your skin tone and makes your face look healthy as well as radiant. A massage also helps in plumping slack skin and boosts lymphatic drainage that facilitates the flushing out of toxins from the body.

Improves Mood: It is no secret that a good massage at a professional massage center can relax your body, mind and soul, and make you feel good. But, were you aware of the fact that the very same massage can also help in treating depression and anxiety. Yes, it can. A full body massage can lower the levels of cortisol- a stress hormone- in the body by a whopping 53 percent. It also increases the levels of feel good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

With so many benefits to offer, it is no surprise that full body massages are gaining immense popularity in Abu Dhabi and the world over. Try one today!

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