Can you get sick after having a massage

Can you get sick after having a massage?

A pampering massage always sounds heavenly. You always may have cravings for a nice massage after a day full of hard work. It is hard to say no to such temptations. But can you imagine getting sick after receiving one such massage? It is hard to believe but it can be true and happened to you. So you must change your perspective on this. In general, you feel fantastic after completing each session of massage therapy. You reply enthusiastically every time your massage therapist asks a feedback from you. He or she may further mention you about where they found most tension on your body and how you can help them to remove it. They also remind you to take plenty of water in the night. All these instructions are very important and you need to follow them specifically to feel good after each session.

Many individuals fail to follow these instructions carefully. Not remaining hydrated enough may result in flu-like symptoms with a headache and fatigue. Not taking adequate water can be the sole reason for becoming sick after taking a massage session. This sickness can last for a day or couple of days. This is a very common side effect associated with the therapeutic massage sessions. This is because of the fact that it is a form of detoxification of your body and fluid loss is common during the process. So if your body is not hydrated enough you may have the symptoms of dehydration. Therefore, it is not the massage that made you ill, rather it is the feeling that comes from dehydration of your body. You can consider Thai Massage for complete relaxation.

Can you get sick after having a massage

During the massage session, free radicals are released and they build up inside your muscular knots. This may also be the reason behind your illness after taking a massage session. Massage release tension and also release toxic substances that the immune system of your body has to take care of. If you are really feeling sick after a massage session then you may take over the counter medicines to reduce inflammation.

The flow of fluid all through your body gets stimulated during the massage. This includes lymph and blood flow. In particular, the lymphatic system is responsible to flush out toxins from your body. A proper function of the lymphatic system is important to keep you disease free. But the function of the lymphatic system can be hampered when you are under chemical emotional of physical stress. The lymphatic fluid flow increases during the massage therapy thereby flushing the stagnant toxins all along the system. Such action may result in the developing symptoms of detoxification and you may feel sick. Having adequate water helps in flushing these toxins out of your system and you do not feel its effect much.

Therefore do not forget to take plenty of water before and after your massage therapy. Keep in mind that water place and essential role in detoxifying your body and keep a check on the symptoms of detoxification.

You may also experience stomach upset after a massage therapy session that should be a relaxing experience. In that case, you should consider changing your massage therapy style and see what suits you best. Start the therapy with light massages consisting of long gliding strokes. Avoid the use of massage styles that involve deep tissue massaging with probing pressure. You may also start with only feet and scalp massage.

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