Happy Ending Massage in Abu Dhabi

Happy Ending Massage in Abu Dhabi

The Happy Ending Massage in Abu Dhabi And Its Impact

Happy Ending massage is inspired by the massage technique that involves a combination of sports and therapeutic massage. It involves manipulation of soft tissues of the body for reducing stress and providing relief to aching muscles. Happy Ending Massage in Abu Dhabi specializes in providing this kind of massage.

Happy Ending Massage in Abu Dhabi

Happy Ending Massage in Abu Dhabi

This is beneficial for a variety of post surgical situations, internal disorders, and gynaecological, neurological, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal issues. It is also helpful in improving lymphatic and blood circulation, stimulating endorphin production, controlling mental and physical stress and for improving the range of motion. The massage therapy is also beneficial in curing ailments like immune function disorders, constipation, spastic colon, headaches, joint mobilization issues, myofascial pain, rotator cuff injuries, hip strains and sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, arthritis, insomnia and asthma. In order to avail these beneficial effects, you can book a Happy Ending Massage in Abu Dhabi in the various spas and massage parlours.

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The Happy Ending Massage therapy

Happy Ending massage is relaxing and considered less invasive than other kinds of massage therapies. It is based on four primary techniques.  The first technique is petrissage which implies a kneading or stretching motion. The second technique is known as effleurage which involves relaxing and gliding strokes. The third type of motion involves rubbing actions which create friction. The last type of movement used during a Russian massage session involves continuous slow and fast strokes to create vibrations.

A typical Russian massage session may last between 15 minutes to approximately an hour. The sessions are safe and may be taken frequently. Happy Ending massage sessions ensure that the recipients experience complete relaxation during the course of the massage.


While taking a  massage, caution may be exercised regarding certain aspects. It is advisable to ensure that areas that have burns or blood clots are not massaged. Similarly, if the recipient has a skin outgrowth, it is advisable to avoid massaging that particular area. This massage is not recommended for people suffering from phlebitis.

A Happy Ending massage session has its own advantages. If you are suffering from aches and ailments, you may opt for a Russian massage session.

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