Hot Stone Massage in Abu Dhabi

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage in Abu Dhabi

Those days were not too old when hot stone massage technique was introduced to the clients by native Americans. Initially, this massage technique was not too famous as it is today. This massage eases pain, tension, stiffness and smoothens away circulation. Hot stone massage deals with metabolism.

Each massage session is about 90 minutes of relaxation. Smooth, water heated stones are placed at the key areas of focus and then the professionals incorporate massage over the body. The massage can be done for the full body and also for any part in consideration.

Hot Stone Massage in Abu Dhabi

Since this massage helps to increase metabolism, most experts nowadays suggest their clients go through hot stone massage sessions if the clients are dealing with any kind of digestion, metabolic or circulation problems. The massage stones have the sedative effect which relieves chronic pain and engross deep relaxation.

We recommend our clients to take this massage session once a week to attain relaxed mind and body. Since the massage deals with heating and rubbing techniques, we only assign these massage session to or highly trained professionals. You can have a look at our Abu Dhabi Massage Service list.

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