Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi

Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi

Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi is known as one of the best beauty and spa treatment for the body in the Middle East. It is very famous and spread across the UAE countries. It is known by its other name which is very popular among the people of Middle East called as “Hammam Maghrebi”. It is actually a very old traditional ritual among Moroccans. Generally all body spas are taken to keep your body relax and stress free, but Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi has some specialty of using very exclusive professional techniques for making your body revitalized and relaxed. People staying in Abu Dhabi do go for it very often as it makes them feel comfortable and tension free after an entire long office week. Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi is one of the sumptuous services offered by almost all Massage and Spa Centers there. It gives you immense pleasure just like a royal King or Queen like service.

Purpose of Moroccan Bath:

Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi

Why most of the people as well as tourists who visit Abu Dhabi want to go for Moroccan Bath? The answer to this question lies in the process of it. The process of massage in Abu Dhabi under this bath is just so soothing and calm that it leaves an amazing and positive impression on its clients. Regular living style and environment in the city is so boring and dull that it is now become a must have treatment that one should take.

Benefits of Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi:

As it is one of the popular traditional ceremonies here in Abu Dhabi, so it offers many benefits to its customers that attracts them every time in a new way. Some of them are:

    • It helps in relieving your body muscles from pain resulting in relaxing.
    • Helps in increasing blood circulation of the whole body.
    • It releases all the bad or harmful toxins from your body.
    • Freshening up your body with necessary minerals and nutrients.
    • It assists in removing dirt, dust and clogs from the skin such as acne and blackheads.
    • Abu Dhabi massage helps in ameliorating tone of the skin by making it look whiten, brighten and soft. Basically it improves the complexion of your skin just like a facial does.
    • It also maintains elasticity of the skin by refining its texture.

Process of this Hammam Bath:

It begins with your full body and hair wash. Then the Moroccan black soap is applied on body, which is a kind of thick gel followed by steaming. In this way all pores in the body are opened up, then the work of black soap begins and your body is washed off after few minutes. Some handmade black glove called as loofah is used for extrapolation. The masseuse start with scrubbing process done vigorously then application of body masque is done which is left out on the body for exactly 15 minutes. It helps all the dust and impurities to come to the body surface.  Once again hot steam is released in the room and masque is removed. After that another masque is applied to make your body go under relaxation and refreshing process. This whole procedure is about 45-60 minutes but depends on the package you choose.

All the massage centers in Abu Dhabi follow this process but vary in types of products they use.

Best Moroccan Bath Centres in Abu Dhabi:

Top best Abu Dhabi massage centers provide Moroccan Bath service for both men and women. Some of them are:

  • Lina Massage Parlour – Best in the Abu Dhabi. Call Now to Book +971565983339
  • Emirates Palace Spa– Mostly visited and ranked 11th among 67 wellness and spa centers in Abu Dhabi.
  • The Lounge– Exclusively for males.
  • Lashbona Spa– Located in Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi that gives Hammam Bath for males only.
  • Cristal Spa– A luxurious massage center for both men and women
  • Reborn Spa & Salon– Moroccan bath available for both men and ladies.
  • Thalgo Spa– Unisex salon located in Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi.
  • Tips & Toes– Exclusively for ladies only.

Call Now to Book Massage Services in Abu Dhabi  +971565983339


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